University Preparatory Program

UNIVERSITY PREPARATORY PROGRAM help high school graduates from any school to prepare for unversity in USA, UK, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, and others



ntering freshmen start their academic work with a series of foundational courses, mainly in the areds of english and mathematics.
These courses help students step up in different disciplines withen college.
Relevany fundamentals of mathematics open doors to higher mathematics, engeneering, technology, chemistion, physics, economics, statisties and to non mathemetical disciplines such as sociology, psychology, etc.
We offer a program thet covers elemenatary, linear and advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry ans much more.
We provide a strong fondation in the basic concepts, sharpen skills in algebra and in two as well as in three-dimensional geometry. While higher topics are introduced (trigonomentric aquations, logarithms,…)
We are looking forward to working with you.



lasses in english literature are part of associates, cachlors masters and doctoral degre programs in the same subject. The programs are available to prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level as well as carres in fields like teaching, research methods, literature professor, writing, book editing, librarianship just to mention a few. In this preparatory class we focus on america literature because of of its richness in diversity students will be required to complete courswork in literary theory and writing. It will also include comprehensive easy examination, research and critical analysis. Students will get an averview of general literature, what it is, americain literature and why it is important to study it. Courswork includes reading texts and placing them i, context. English lit maybe transferred to over 2000 colleges and universities.

History of Amirican Government


ur goal in history of american government is to make all students aware and to have critical of their unexamined assumption about politics. Learning to think independently and with some critical, empirical and rhetorical-to weigh alternatives, to write congently, and to speak persuasively are essential skills for responsible global citizenship as well as professional careers. So this class will be focus on both critical and research skills to students, a combination that will enhance their entire university experience and serve them for beyond their college years. Especially as is taught in a good deal of university in U.S.A. to achieve this, the history concentration combine regor with flexibility facilitates close student engagement with our diverse programs. Finally the programs are available to prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level as well as their careers.


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